Some thoughts on the problems of modern sex-ed

These excerpts are from one of my members, who has long been an advocate for Life, and has helped me get a better grasp of what is at stake in our culture with regard to sexual purity and the advancement of liberal agendas in our culture, and especially our schools. I found these words from a recent email to be helpful in summarizing some of the main issues. I hope they will be helpful for others. They are published with permission from the author:

“I keep going back to what Lenin said and am using this in my “Q & A on Sex Ed vs. Purity” dialogue. He said that America would never be taken by a Bolshevik-style revolution. Instead, America would collapse from within if children could be separated from their parents and raised to follow their “sexual instincts.” You can see what’s been setting up ever since Darwin, Sanger, and Kinsey became the “go-to experts” on human sexuality.

“What we’re seeing isn’t new. Wrongful sex ed has been in play since you, ____, and I had kids in high school. It is relentless. It shape-shifts. And, I believe wrongful sex ed has been fueled by churches. Foolishly, Christian leaders thought God’s Word needed a little “help” or modernizing, so churches adapted the ideas of worldly “experts” on sexuality and attempted to wrap Jesus around them. So, from sex ed to abortion, the church has failed the culture. We failed to trust that God’s Word spoke on all these things and we, instead, went looking for something more “sophisticated.”

“Science is on our side, though. The human body was created to function best in a certain way. The female body has need of special protection for procreative reasons. Dr. Miriam Grossman, Dr. Meg Meeker, Dr. Joe McIlhaney and a whole host of others have plenty of biological proof that SIECUS and Planned Parenthood ARE NOT telling the whole truth and certainly not giving information that is protective of young people. As Grossman and her team of researchers say, “It’s not lack of information, it’s lack of judgment.” (You’ve been quoting this as a parent, _____!) We’re basically talking child abuse here. Adolescents whose frontal cortex (decision-making part of the brain) has not yet developed are not yet able to process all information. Especially erotically curious information that imprints powerful images.”


About Rev. Paul L. Beisel

Graduate of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN in 2001 (M Div.) and 2004 (S.T.M.); LC-MS Pastor and Adjunct Instructor for John Wood Community College; Husband of Amy and father of Susan, Elizabeth, Martin, and Theodore.
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