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Pastor Wieting Coming to Speak in Iowa Falls

The Blessings of Weekly Communion A mini-conference and Oktoberfest Dinner hosted by Immanuel Lutheran Church, Iowa Falls, IA Speaker: Rev. Dr. Kenneth Wieting Saturday, October 9, 2010 Schedule: 3:00-3:50 p.m.      Part One: “So that God may work in you” Break … Continue reading

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What it means to Honor Parents and others in Authority

To the position of fatherhood and motherhood God has given special distinction above all positions that are beneath it: He does not simply command us to love our parents, but to honor them. Regarding our brothers, sisters, and neighbors in … Continue reading

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Catechism Sermons

Each week we begin our 5-8th grade Midweek Classes with Vespers, and I preach a short homily on the Catechism. Here is the first one on Commandments 1-3. 1st Catechism Vespers Text: Luke 16:19-31 Hymn: 581 (Stanzas 1-4, 11, 12) … Continue reading

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Why Some and Not Others

No, I’m not talking about the age-old question of why some are saved and not others. I’m talking in this post about hymns. Why some and not others? Why are you so nit-picky, pastor, when it comes to choosing hymns … Continue reading

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