C.F.W. Walther on the Use of Methodist Hymns in Sunday School

I found this link extremely noteworthy today. It is a letter from C.F.W. Walther, our first Synodical President, regarding the use of Methodist hymns and hymnals in our Sunday Schools. I commend it to your reading. Particularly juicy is this tidbit:

2. A preacher of our church also has the holy duty to give souls entrusted to his care pure spiritual food, indeed, the very best which he can possibly obtain. In Methodist songs there is much which is false, and which contains spiritual poison for the soul. Therefore, it is soul-murder to set before children such poisonous food. If the preacher claims, that he allows only “correct” hymns to be sung, this does not excuse him. For, first of all, the true Lutheran spirit is found in none of them; second, our hymns are more powerful, more substantive, and more prosaic; third, those hymns which deal with the Holy Sacraments are completely in error; fourth, when these little sectarian hymnbooks come into the hands of our children, they openly read and sing false hymns.


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2 Responses to C.F.W. Walther on the Use of Methodist Hymns in Sunday School

  1. Sean says:

    Prosaic is not a positive word anymore. But prosaic is still better than talking about fields and flowers but never Christ.

  2. Harry says:

    What about the Methodist Sunday School Flag in church?

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