We’ve Got the Look!?

These photos are dedicated to the venerable Father Hollywood, whose keen observations about certain types of poses inspired my wife and I to “strike a pose” in the ‘pout and arthritis’ style.  Here are a few samples of our work:






About Rev. Paul L. Beisel

Graduate of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN in 2001 (M Div.) and 2004 (S.T.M.); LC-MS Pastor and Adjunct Instructor for John Wood Community College; Husband of Amy and father of Susan, Elizabeth, Martin, and Theodore.
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3 Responses to We’ve Got the Look!?

  1. Crimony. I need Windex for my brain now. Thanks.


  2. Bryce says:

    I think the title for your immediate previous post is a good title for this one. :O

  3. As I have recently learned from a very hip classmate (who has inspired many of us to express ourselves in a Gallic fashion): That’s “off the chain!” See the Urban Dictionary.

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