Hymn at Evening Prayer for Quasimodo Geniti

This was one of the hymns offered in The Brotherhood Prayer Book for Evening Prayer today:

Ad cenam providi. 7th century, trans. by J. M. Neale

1. The Lamb’s high banquet we await / In snow-white robes of royal state; / And now, the Red Sea’s channel passed, / To Christ, our Prince, we sing at last.

2. Upon the altar of the cross / His Body hath redeemed our loss; / And tasting of His roseate Blood, / Our life is hid with Him in God.

3. That paschal eve God’s arm was bared; / The devastating angel spared: / By strength of hand our hosts went free / From Pharaoh’s ruthless tyranny.

4. Now Christ our Passover is slain, / The Lamb of God that knows now stain; / The true oblation offered here, / Our own unleavened Bread sincere.

5. O Thou from whom hell’s monarch flies, / O great, O very Sacrifice, / Thy captive people are set free, / And endless life restored in Thee.

6. For Christ, arising from the dead, / From conquered hell victorious sped; / He thrusts the tyrant down to chains, / And paradise for man regains.

7. Maker of all, to Thee we pray, / Fulfill in us Thy joy today; / When death assails, grant, Lord, that we / May share Thy paschal victory.

8. To Thee who, dead, again dost live, / All glory, Lord, Thy people give; / All glory, as is ever meet, / To Father and to Paraclete. Amen.

Take a listen.

This is just a taste of what the hymnody in the BPB is like. The chant for it is beautiful.


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One Response to Hymn at Evening Prayer for Quasimodo Geniti

  1. Mike Baker says:

    I love the Brotherhood Prayer Book.

    I have taken it on so many field training exerices that the binding is a little worse for wear. I don’t think the LLBP ever anticipated that the book would need to survive transport in a ruck sack.

    I use it here in Iraq for daily devotions. The local RCs are convinced that I’m just too piously Roman to not be a papist. The “which rite are you?” question is getting a little old. 😛

    When the chaplaincy did not see the value in conducting a Protestant Ash Wednesday Service, the laity got together and put one on anyway. We used the LSB for a service order. We did a congregational hymn from the organ and I chanted three Lenten Hymns from the Brotherhood Prayer Book using my favorite tone: “O God of Truth, O Lord of Might”. What a service!

    The Te Deum for the Order of Vigils is fantastic. It is my favorite arrangement of that hymn so far.

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