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No Sin In Praying for Removal of Crosses

No, I’m not talking about crosses that you hang on the wall. I’m talking about the crosses that are laid on us Christians and believers in Christ by our heavenly Father. The cross takes many forms in the lives of … Continue reading

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I knew I had read this somewhere

From C. F. W. Walther’s Twentieth Evening Lecture (February 27, 1885): My Friends: When a place has been assigned to a Lutheran candidate of theology where he is to discharge the office of a Lutheran minister, that place ought to … Continue reading

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Baptism and First Communion

I’ve been following a discussion over at Four and Twenty Blackbirds on the topic of when it is appropriate to admit a baptized child to the altar for Holy Communion. I don’t have much more to add to this discussion, … Continue reading

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Rite of De-Ordination (HT: Angry Lutherans)

I found this piece rather amusing. Can a person really ever “retire” completely from the Ministry?

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The True Rebels of This Age

Christian Ethicist Peter Kreeft has a nice little nugget toward the end of his book Back to Virtue: Moral traditionalists, who believe in the wisdom of the past, seem to their opponents like drab, dour doomers and damners. But they … Continue reading

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One Lord, One Faith, Many Ministries

The congregations I serve have little going on during the week. There is no special “youth ministry,” “seniors ministry,” “30s-something ministry,” “Baby-boomers ministry,” or any other “ministry” for that matter. There is just the Ministry of the Word. There have … Continue reading

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Simply Put…

To coarse and rude persons, who are not influenced by the Gospel, the Law must be declared, and they must be driven until they are humbled and acknowledge their imperfections. When this has been accomplished, the Gospel is to be … Continue reading

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