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Sermon for Thanksgiving Eve Vespers

Thanksgiving 2008 Text: Deuteronomy 8:1-10 Rev. Paul L. Beisel A child who receives discipline with thanksgiving is a child who understands its value and its need. Wise is the child who sees discipline as a gift, who takes it with … Continue reading

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Christians are not powerless against sin

There is a form of antinomianism, I believe, that comes from the belief that even Christians are helpless against the power of sin. I use the term “anti-nomianism” because this belief leads one to excuse his sins, and to think … Continue reading

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Don’t Go To Plan B (if you can help it)

A couple of years ago, our churches decided to put my family on plan B to save the churches some money, which it did. The cost of putting $600.00 into a Health Savings Acct. for a deductible was less expensive … Continue reading

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Wise Words from Herr Luther

We pastors would do well to heed these words of advice from the Blessed Martin Luther: How the World Rewards Service Losing his good reputation and being thrown in prison was certainly Joseph’s worst hardship. What disgraceful wages he received … Continue reading

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Doctrine and Liturgy

Another thing that we as members of this Synod need to come to terms with is the fact that not all liturgical differences are merely matters of personal preference. While many liturgical practices would undoubtedly fall into the category of … Continue reading

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Not All Disagreements are a Threat to Church Fellowship

I’ve been reflecting on Rev. Matthew Harrison’s intriguing paper which has been circulating via the web. My thoughts tonight center around the divisions and disagreements that are rife within our Synod. It seems to me that if we are going … Continue reading

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Confess Him Before the Gentiles

The following bit from the Book of Tobit struck me today as a wonderful way of expressing the Christian’s role in the mission of the Church: Confess him before the Gentiles, ye children of Israel: for he hath scattered us … Continue reading

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