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Church Sponsored Community Outreach Programs and Why I Don’t Like Them

I live in a small community of roughly 1800 people. There are about six major denominations represented in the town besides us: Catholic, Episcopal, Methodist, Assembly of God, Presbyterian, and Calvary Chapel. The Methodist church recently “hired” a female “pastor.” … Continue reading

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More to the Ministry than Sermons

This is slightly related to a previous post in which I wrote about the need for us pastors to act like we hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven, and actually use them to bind and loose sins. Chemnitz … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Carving

The other night Lizzy and Martin and I had fun carving some small pumpkins. I still have a large one to do, which I will probably do tomorrow night. Here are some pics (notice the eyelashes on Lizzy’s):

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Soft Pillows for the Impious

My biggest weakness as a pastor, I think, is the fact that I let people off the hook too quickly, too easily. I don’t like to make people feel uncomfortable or uneasy. So I give them an escape route and … Continue reading

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Fishing for…a dog comb??

We recently became the happy recipients of one of those water cooler thingies that dispenses both hot and cold water from 5 gal. jugs. It was a gift from some friends that were moving out of the area and no longer … Continue reading

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Happy 4th Birthday Martin!

Today was Martin’s birthday. He turned 4. Amy and I agreed that this was one of the most enjoyable birthday celebrations that we’ve pulled off. It was relaxing, and relatively inexpensive. We took the family and one of Martin’s friends … Continue reading

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7th Commandment and Government

Whenever I sing the verse of Luther’s Ten Commandments hymn on the 7th commandment, I can’t help but think to myself: “This applies to you too, O Government.” “You shall not steal or take away / what others worked for … Continue reading

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