What Kings And Prophets Longed To See–Homily for Trinity 13

Here is an excerpt from my homily for tomorrow:

Isaiah longed to see the son of the Virgin about whom he prophesied, but he did not. He longed to see the root of Jesse and the Suffering Servant, but did not see him. David longed to see the promised divine King seated on the throne, but did not see him. Moses longed to see the Prophet like himself raised up from among his brethren, but did not. Adam and Eve longed to see the Seed that would crush the head of the serpent, but did not see him. Ezekiel longed to see the Good Shepherd, and to hear his voice but did not.

All of these kings and prophets longed to see the Christ, the One who would shatter the gates of death and break the arm of oppression. They longed to see the fulfillment of all God’s promises in the divine Son born to Mary. They longed to see the dead raised, the blind receive their sight, the deaf hear, the lame walk, and the poor have the good news preached to them. They desired to see sins forgiven and washed away and the devil destroyed, but they did not see it. Or, should I say, they did not see it—in the flesh.

They saw these things in type; in shadow. They saw them in the sacrifices of Israel, in the Passover Lamb, in the Crossing of the Red Sea, and in the Tabernacle in the wilderness. They saw Christ in the person of the Prophets, Priests, and Kings. They saw Him in veiled form in the burning bush, the cloud of Glory, the tablets of the Law, the Ark of the Covenant. They saw His suffering and death in the suffering and death of the Prophets; they saw his resurrection and victory over death in Jonah’s return from the mouth of the great fish. But Him they did not see. They did not see God incarnate, God on the cross, God in the tomb, God risen from the dead, God ascended into heaven.

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