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Reasons Not To Sin

You would think that as Christians it would be enough to avoid sin just to know that it was displeasing to God. You would think that we would be able to talk ourselves out of following a sinful urge just … Continue reading

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King Me!

I grudgingly endured my first crown yesterday. Now I’ve got a nice silver temporary crown on one of my top molars. It took about 1 1/2 hours, and though it was not terribly painful, it was definitely not what I … Continue reading

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Sad News

I received word on Sunday after church that one of my high school classmates, Henrik Christensen, passed away after battling a brain tumor for the past couple of years. He was 34 years old, and a good friend. Henrik and … Continue reading

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Young and Stupid; Old and Wise?

Last night my wife and I sat with our organist and her husband at a wedding reception and Amy and I took turns chasing Theodore everywhere, while the other conversed. During the course of conversation, my organist was telling me … Continue reading

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What is NOT adiaphora

As I was re-reading FC X the other day I came across this little snippet on the issue of adiaphora that serves as a good reminder that the Lutheran Reformers, while recognizing evangelical freedom in liturgical matters, did not tolerate … Continue reading

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What Kings And Prophets Longed To See–Homily for Trinity 13

Here is an excerpt from my homily for tomorrow: Isaiah longed to see the son of the Virgin about whom he prophesied, but he did not. He longed to see the root of Jesse and the Suffering Servant, but did … Continue reading

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A Post Removed and Transferred

I just posted something on the issue of female acolytes here, but removed it and posted it instead at Four & Twenty Blackbirds, just in case anyone wondered why it was removed. Thanks, the Management.

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