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Catching Sin Before It Catches You

Things tend to pick up speed as they go down a hill. Put a car in neutral and send it down a big hill and you might be able to get in front of it and hold it back if … Continue reading

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Scaer on Grace and Sacraments

Another book I am working on finishing before the end of the summer is David P. Scaer’s latest in the Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics Series: Law and Gospel and the Means of Grace. Typical of Scaer’s writings, just about every sentence … Continue reading

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A Couple of Gems from Rush Limbaugh

I’ve been reading Rush Limbaugh’s book, The Way Things Ought to Be, and enjoying every word of it. I have learned so much, and find myself continually awestruck at his wit, argumentation, and ability to find the holes in the … Continue reading

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Service Doesn’t Announce Itself

Yesterday I was talking with a friend about marital relationships and other such things, and he was telling me how he wanted to demonstrate his love for his wife through service. So, he decided to do a few small, but … Continue reading

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