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Oculi Sermon – Comfort For Those in Fear of the Devil

Here is an excerpt from my homily for tomorrow on Luke 11:14-28. You can view the full text at the Historic Lectionary site.…Jesus’ words are just as applicable today as they were then: “If it is by the finger of … Continue reading

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Homily for Wednesday of Invocabit

For our Midweek services this Lent, I am using a book by Leon Morris called “The Apostolic Preaching of the Cross” to develop my theme. This book is excellent, by the way, and shows very convincingly by sound exegesis that … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Compliment

I am not one who goes around looking for praise and compliments from people (generally). Tonight, however, one of my members inadvertently paid me a huge compliment. I say inadvertently because I don’t think he thought he was paying me … Continue reading

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Views From the River Bank

My wife was out for a walk the other day and snapped some really nice pictures along the Mississippi. We had a huge rise in temperature and there was fog everywhere, as well as eagles. Enjoy!

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A New and Interesting Experience

Yesterday I served as an election judge for the Warsaw precinct, Ward 1. My wife had originally been asked by someone, but she deferred to me since she has a nursing infant right now. So I did it. I was … Continue reading

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Synodical Catechism–Still the Best Text Book for Catechesis

After five and a half years in the ministry, I am convinced that the best “textbook” available for catechesis is still the Catechism with Explanation. Call me “dead orthodox” but I think that lay people need sedes doctrinae. I think … Continue reading

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Where did that come from?

Today we were driving back from Fort Madison, IA and out of nowhere came a huge snowstorm, complete with thunder and lightening. It was really cool. This is the view from outside our front door today: Within a few minutes … Continue reading

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