McCain Raptured!

Something mysterious has happened to Paul McCain’s comments from the last thread. They have all mysteriously vanished! My suspicion is the rapture. “One shall be taken, another left.” Just for the record, I did not delete them. I don’t usually do that. Someone must have my password or know how to work around the system. That’s scary.


About Rev. Paul L. Beisel

Graduate of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN in 2001 (M Div.) and 2004 (S.T.M.); LC-MS Pastor and Adjunct Instructor for John Wood Community College; Husband of Amy and father of Susan, Elizabeth, Martin, and Theodore.
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3 Responses to McCain Raptured!

  1. Rev. Eric J Brown says:

    Actually, I believe you can remove your own comments if you wish.

  2. Pastor Beisel says:

    Right, I got that now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Considering he has enough time to write and operate 1000 blogs and take part in another 1000 forums/blogs, it’s amazing he has the time to remove his posts from your blog.

    Keep supporting the General. God bless the old guy!

    Drinken alot

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