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A Great and Surprising Weekend

This weekend we had some visitors to Warsaw. The Rev. Benjamin Mayes and his wife Rebecca and son Caleb came up from St. Louis Friday, as did my mother Floris from Pittsburg, KS. It was my middle daughter’s birthday Sunday. … Continue reading

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The Rapture Exists!

I used to laugh at the “Left Behind” series. I used to think that there was no such thing as the secret rapture before the end times. But lo and behold, it has happened in my own family! See pictures … Continue reading

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Wedding Guidelines

Any pastor who has had to do a wedding knows that it is always best to have certain things agreed upon before even beginning discussion about the wedding, or even agreeing to it. Some pastors do not really care what … Continue reading

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Office of the *Public* Ministry?

Whence cometh the term “public” in our term “Office of the Public Ministry”? And Was ist Das? What does it mean? I suspect that its inception into our parochial usage has something to do with the fact that many people … Continue reading

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Sermon for Rogate

With a little help from Luther… Text: St. John 16:23-33Rev. Fr. Paul L. Beisel Dearly beloved in Christ: If you’ve ever seen the Wizard of Oz, you know how scary it was to approach the Wizard and ask him for … Continue reading

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Should Matthew 18 Be Applied to Delinquent Members?

Today we were discussing the Office of the Keys in our Bible class, and we were reading Matthew 18. I made the point that if we considered it a sin to despise God’s Word (i.e. break the 3rd commandment) then … Continue reading

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Two Types of Forgiveness

The other day we had an interesting discussion in Bible Class on absolution. We’re using the “Lutheran Difference Series” on Confession & Absolution. As we were looking at the various teachings of different churches on absolution, it became apparent that … Continue reading

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