Lutheran Service Book Reactions

We’re on week number 2 of using LSB and so far the reactions have been positive. At my TLH congregation there was a little confusion the first week about page numbers. Most of the people who are in that church have been members for 75-80 years. I think some of the older folks are not completely sold on it yet. My organist there said that she thinks the hymns are easier to play, and as proof we sang “Salvation unto us has come” today and she played it better than I have ever heard her play it. I was very complimentary. She clips along a lot better it seems. At my LW congregation as well, I have received positive comments. It’s not so much the big things that people are really commenting on, but the little things like having a triangle to mark doxological stanzas, or having the prayers in the front cover of the hymnal to use before and after worship. These are more matters of convenience, and I think that means a lot to people. I am still trying to get the pages of the humongous Altar Book to lay down on their own so I can actually have my hands in the proper position without having to hold the pages down. That is one annoyance. I wish they had an altar book (anyone listening?) that only had the one-year propers in it for us one-year types. That would remove about an inch of space from it. It is so THICK. It’s like the Jalapeno thick burger of the Lutheran Liturgy. I do appreciate the wide variety of collects and proper prefaces in it. The people have noticed this as I have used them for a couple months now.

Anyway, the overall reaction has been positive, and it is SO nice to be able to use the same hymn numbers for both churches.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The church I’m at just started using it this week. The pastor and I both have commented on how large the book is too. We came to kind of the same conclusion–perhaps they should put it out in four different volumes (like the lectionary set) so that it is not so huge. We had to put a piece of plastic on the bottom of our missal stand because the lip that was on there was simply too small if you wanted to set something on the book and not have it fall off.

    scott adle

  2. Lawrence says:

    Been using the new LSB for at least a month, or more. Transition was pretty smooth, and everyone generally seems to like it.

    The “red” book remains because it would cause a lot of internal strife if it went away.

    The “blue” book and green supplement are gone and nobody really seems to miss them.

  3. Rev. Benjamin Mayes says:

    Re. the altar book, we’re considering taking it to a book bindery, having them remove the 3-yr. propers, and then having them rebind it for us. That would make it just about the right size.

  4. Rev. Benjamin Mayes says:

    The three-year propers could be bound separately for those occasions when you preach for a 3-yr. series congregation.

  5. Pastor Beisel says:

    Good idea!

  6. Dakota Ice says:

    We are three weeks into LSB at one congregation and we dedicated it yesterday at the other.

    I am using Setting Three. I think it is going pretty well. It’s the same thing as we are used to..only easier to sing. The hymnal committee suggested that we use S3 for at least a month just to get the page numbers down.

    On non-communion sunday’s I think it should be easy to just sing the amen after the “inwardly digest” collect and the triple amen after the benediction. But for some reason it didn’t go that great yesterday. But it was only the second time we’ve had to do that and my organist played amen after the prayers of the day. Things like that happen.

    I used the order of baptism yesterday and I liked the updated language and flood prayer. I wonder if we make too big a deal out of sponsors though(but that is not about LSB but sponsors, I like the updated, a-bit-more-succint address to sponors).

    The fine people up here are a bit reticent and comment very little on all things, LSB is no exception. But no complaints! And the organist is excited about it.

    In one of my congregations I have an average attendance of 55 and 21 have ordered LSB for their home use. So that is positive.

    In our circuit, 7 of the 9 congregations have purchased LSB.

    One of my members refrain was “we are moving towards a one hymnal synod!” if only that were true, and if only this member hadn’t moved!


  7. Anonymous says:

    I like the rebinding idea, but I think it’d still be good to have a different version for each year. That way the propers of that year are in the book with the services, and you don’t need to have two separate books up there. No need for more books up on the altar–with two stands.

    scott adle

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