Evangelical Catholic Church

Has anyone ever heard of the Evangelical Catholic Church? I was looking around at different denominations on Wikpedia, and came across this website for the Evangelical Catholic Church. Here is part of their introduction:

The Evangelical Catholic Church seeks to do this — not by appealing to the latest theological gimmickry, not through liturgical buffoonery or relying upon ecclesiastical bureaucracies, not even by continuing in the numbing banality of so much of what passes under the name Lutheran in the U.S. — but by seeking something so old that it has become new. She has sought a profound reconnection with the ancient historic Church and a thorough appropriation of the ancient Catholic Faith. Her members are not inveterate romantics nor have they rejected modernity. Rather, Her clergy and lay members have come to know that it is only in that ancient Catholic Faith, at once so utterly simple and yet so utterly profound, that one can find rest and security for one’s soul.

Very interesting to say the least. I don’t know much more about them than what I have posted here. Have to read more of their website. (Sorry about the font size. I was having trouble getting into a decent size).

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