Quincy Tennis Tourney – TOURNAMENT UPDATE!

Tomorrow (Saturday, August 5) I am playing in the Quincy area Tennis Tournament. It should be fun, but I’m not expecting too much out of myself since I have only played competitively off and on for a number of years now. Ever since I left college where I played for four years I just haven’t had the opportunity to hit very much. Still, I feel good. I have been going out to hit against the wall at the local courts several times this summer, and I have the feel of the court again. I hope that tomorrow I can at least stay loose and have a good time. I’ll post the results tomorrow sometime. I should get to play at least two matches-double eliminations.

(By the way, this is not a picture of me, but of someone else in last year’s Quincy Tennis tournament).

Tournament Update: I lost my first match 0-6, 1-6. I know, sounds pretty bad. But I am out of shape and out of practice. Plus, I broke the string on my first raquet doing warm-up serves. Although I was used to my other raquet, the stringing was a little different and I just wasn’t able to get the same feel for it that I had with my other. My second match (in the loser’s bracket) I played a guy 10 years younger than myself. I played much better in this match, and absolutely destroyed his serve a few times, crushing my forehand down the line. If I could have gotten my first serve in more than 40% of the time, I probably would have taken more points. Nevertheless, he won. But was impressed with the heavy hitting I had done on occasion. So, bottom line, I got to play two matches for $15.00. Not bad. Give me another 30 of those and I might actually start winning some 🙂 Now, I am exhausted and sore. These 31 year-old muscles need to get more exercise than they do now. Still, I was moving pretty darn good for not having played competitively for a long time. I slept all afternoon, when I was supposed to be finishing my sermon and the bulletins. Oh well.


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