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The Devil wants to rob Christians of the peace of Christ’s forgiveness

The devil is outraged by absolution and the Lord’s Supper, basically, by the grace of God. He cannot stand to see Christians rejoicing in God’s grace or receiving absolution or forgiveness in the Lord’s Supper. So what does he do? … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on LSB and Frustrations with DVDs

My final thought on LSB is pretty much the same as Petersen on Cyberstones. I think it is slightly better than both LW and TLH as an overall product. No one expected it to fulfill the dreams of every Lutheran. … Continue reading

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More on LSB Hymnody (Revised, 8/17)

Warning: Possible inflammatory post. Those who have the hymnal, have you noticed first of all that Steven Starke has more hymns in LSB than Luther? Didn’t Luther write a few hundred hymns? I like Steven Starke’s texts, but I wish … Continue reading

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LSB, at first glance…

I finally have a copy of LSB, and I am pretty happy with what I have seen so far. Of course, I knew mostly what it would look like after viewing all of the materials ahead of time, but it … Continue reading

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New Blog on the Blogroll

If you want to know what is inside my good friend, Kent Schaaf’s head, then check out his new blog, “Schaaf’s Kopf” and see.

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Sermon for Trinity 9 – "The Dishonest Manager"

With a little inspiration and a few choice lines from Chad Bird’s sermon at Redeemer Lutheran Church, printed in Christ Crucified: Lutheran Sermons by Chad Bird (Emmanuel Press), here is my offering for this Sunday. Baptized saints in our Lord … Continue reading

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Why Nomenclature is Important

I was just reading the most recent issue of the Broadcaster, the publication of my alma mater, and about jumped out of my shorts when I read the following in the President’s letter: “It was among the most powerful moments … Continue reading

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