Called By God

Here are some quotes that I came across as I was searching through old floppy discs from seminary. I don’t remember where I got it from originally, but it is good stuff.

“From Paul…an apostle [chosen] not by any group or individual but by Jesus Christ and God the Father who brought Him back to life—and all believers who are with me.”

(Excerpts from Dr. Martin Luther)

Religious leaders face a very foolish yet strong temptation. Some claim they must teach because they have a talent from the Lord and feel compelled to teach because of the command of the gospel. Confused by a foolish conscience, they think that if they don’t teach they’re burying the gold of their Lord and will be condemned for it. The devil does this to make them neglect the responsibilities to which they are called.

My dear friend, with one word Christ frees you from this notion. Look at the parable in Matthew, “He called his servants and entrusted some money to them” (Matthew 25:14). It says, “He called them.” But who has called you? Wait for God to call you. In the meantime, don’t be concerned about it. Even if you were wiser than Solomon and Daniel, unless you are called to spread the Word, avoid that calling even more than hell. If God needs you, He will call you. If He doesn’t call you, you won’t burst from wisdom inside of you. In fact, it isn’t even true wisdom. It only appears that way to you. And it’s very foolish for you to imagine that you could produce fruit. The only one who produces fruit by the Word is one who is called to teach without wishing for it. For Jesus Christ is our leader (Matthew 23: 10). He alone teaches and produces fruit through His servants, whom He calls. But whoever teaches without being called endangers both himself and his hearers, for Christ is not with him.

Galvin, James C. Ed.D. “By Faith Alone: Martin Luther.” Word Publishing. Grand
, Michigan
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  1. Christopher Gillespie says:

    Excellent excerpt. There is no call without a call. Whatever happened to “everyone who wants to be a minister can be a minister?”

    Discernment is a gift.

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